I've got an external data source (SQL Server) and a Sharepoint Custom List that I want to join in a single view using the data view web part.

In theory this shouldn't be too hard, but I can't get it to work:

1) I created a linked source, using "Join" as the type.

2) I created a new DVWP, and then inserted a column from the first table as a Multiple Item View.

3) I then inserted a column from the second table as a "Joined Subview".

In the examples that I've seen online, at this point I'm supposed to be presented with a dialog that allows me to specify which columns in the two data sources are related. However, I never receive any such dialog, the second column is simply inserted, and the same row data repeats for every row from first table.

Am I missing something?

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Talk about FRUSTRATING. The problem was simply that I only had one item in the Sharepoint list. After adding a second item to the list, I received the join dialog that allowed me to specify which columns to join on.

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