What is the best way to do this when looping a list? I have tried to evaluate it with something like this but it wont let me evaluate bool as an "if" condition

   if (item["ShowTitle"] == true)
//do something

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You can use:

 if (bool.Parse(item["ShowTitle"].ToString()) == true)


if (item["ShowTitle"].ToString() == true.ToString())

All answers are not safe, when the field is null. This can happen, when a field gets later added and already items are in this list.

This is a safe cast:

bool? showTitle = properties.ListItem["ShowTitle"] as bool?;
if (showTitle.HasValue && showTitle.Value)

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    I really like your approach and would love to have this the accepted answer!
    – Andreas
    Nov 13, 2017 at 10:35

I think this would be the cleanest way of doing it with C#:

    if ((bool)item["ShowTitle"] == true)
        //Do stuff

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