WSS 3.0

I have a non-SQL database linked to a SQL database. I've created a datasource in SPD using a custom query to this database.

select * from LINKEDDB...sometable

I then created a data view web part from this data source, which seems to work just fine.

However, sorting doesn't seem to work. Nothing happens. When I use the OPENQUERY syntax for the custom SQL statement, sorting breaks the web part.

I have a vague notion of why it's not working. Is there something I can do using parameters in my query to enable sorting? (actually, I would assume that sorting happens via xslt, so I'm not sure at all why it's not working)

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I have not done with with Non-SQL databases but I do know that the sorting and filtering options have to be done using a view. I am not very experienced with the DVWP but that is what I have found out through google searches and trial/error.

  • I would give you an upvote but I don't have the rep. Indeed, creating a view solved the problem. Thanks!
    – Boden
    Oct 21, 2010 at 19:25

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