I want to understand how SharePoint 2013 built-en ranking models works. I tried to search it over web but I don't see any documentation that describe these models.

Here is the list of ranking models that are available in SharePoint 2013:

  1. Default Ranking Model
  2. Catalog ranking Model
  3. Recommender ranking model
  4. People Search expertise social distance ranking model
  5. People Search name social distance ranking model
  6. People Search name ranking model
  7. Popularity ranking model
  8. People search application ranking model
  9. People Search social distance model
  10. People Search expertise ranking model
  11. Site Suggestion ranking model
  12. Search model With Boosted Minspan
  13. O14 Default ranking model
  14. Search Model Without Minspan
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    you can try follow that guy (powersearching.wordpress.com), he might be able to answer some questions :) however I don't expect any comprehensive documentation on this topic exists Mar 29, 2013 at 9:34

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Please refer to the following blog post which described basics of sharepoint 2013 ranking models.


Please let me know which model are you interested in, I will cover this in following posts.

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