We can define Query rule in three places:

  1. Search Site > Site Settings > Search > Query Rules
  2. Search Site > Site Settings > Site Collection Administration > Search Query Rules
  3. Search Service Application > Queries and Results > Query Rules

What is the difference in all of above options? Which option is appropriate in what situation?


The scope of the rule:

  • If you define them in the search service, its valid for all webapplications associated with that search service.

  • If you define it on subsite/web level, its valid for the contextual search made on that site.

  • If you define it on site collection its valid for the site and all subsites.

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Creating a query rule in SharePoint 2013 will render the Visual Best bet.The detailed steps for creating a query rule for Visual Best bet are outlined in below link http://www.techbubbles.com/sharepoint/creating-a-query-rule-for-visual-best-bet-in-sharepoint-2013/ and http://www.findwise.com/blog/query-rules-in-sharepoint-2013/

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