Will asp.net webforms skills still be a requirement for SharePoint development down the road? Or will webforms become just one development technology out of many a SharePoint developer can choose from?

Trying to get an idea of a learning plan for possibly transitioning into SP development several years from now.

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Those skills are still relevant, web parts are still a big part of SP 2013. They are not replaced by apps but they can be deployed as an app. You can think of an app as a wrapper around a solution file (.wsp), which could be a web part or many other things. Where I work we still deploy everything as solutions and don't bother with apps as we don't have a need for them yet.

This document shows a nice diagram of how an App relates to a Solution


I will be very surprised if all the plumbing gets changed out for non-webforms-based alternatives. Writing apps is one thing, developing non-trivial enhancements or modifications will likely require at least a solid understanding of the webforms model and what SharePoint is doing with it, even if you do your implementation on a different stack.

You can get by as a limited-scope developer by staying in the apps world. I wouldn't recommend it at all. However, "Requirement" is subjective.

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