I am exploring on trying to create a custom webpart and I am encountering this error:

In my source, I have a table in which a cell will contain SharePoint:DateTimeControl.

However it will

<asp:Table ID="interviewerAndApplicants" Visible="False" runat="server" Width="50%">
            Interview Timeslot:  <SharePoint:DateTimeControl ID="interviewSlot" runat="server" />

The weird thing is, if the SharePoint:DateTimeControl is NOT within a table cell, it displays perfectly in the design. However when it is placed within a cell, it will cause the error:

"Error Rendering Control: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

in the designer view.

What exactly am I doing wrong/ missed out on doing? Thanks.


Did you also try to build the table using plain html tags like



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  • Nope I didn't. It's a school project and we are kinda not allowed to use html tags. Though I don't see how html tags will help in this case? – lyk Mar 28 '13 at 12:34

Control's(interviewerAndApplicants) visible property is set to false. Set it to true and then try.

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