I'd like to run a script report back what IIS Sites are SharePoint and which ones are normal sites.

Using the following command in powershell, I get a long list of properties of the application pool, but there is no uniqueness between what sites are SharePoint sites and which ones are not.

get-wmiobject -class IISApplicationPoolSetting -namespace "root\microsoftiisv2"
              -computername $server -authentication 6

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Look at the virtual directories via IIS. There should be some pointing to /_layouts/, /_controltemplates/, /_vti_bin/, etc. These all point to the physical "Sharepoint root" folders (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14)


Your SharePoint sites may all be running under an appropriate application pool identity, separate from any other IIS site on your environment.

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