I am creating SharePoint Team Sites using SharePoint Web Services as I cannot use the object model for this solution (I do not have SharePoint installed on the server where the sites are created from). The sites create fine but I do not have the default "Members", "Visitors" and "Owners" groups. I know using the SharePoint Object Model you can use the SPWeb.CreateDefaultAssociatedGroups method. How would you be able to perform a similar operation using SharePoint Web Services?

  • I have the Same problem, using the Web Services, Admin.CreateSite, From what i can tell, the admin.create does not by default associate the Default SharePoint groups to the Created site collection even when using a Template like Team Site which when created through SharePoint has the Groups by Default. Desperately looking for a Web Service Method that can Associate the Groups after Creation. – user15861 Mar 25 '13 at 12:40

Assuming that you mean the SOAP or .asmx Web Services, I don't think that the option you want is exposed in any of the available operations.

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