I have a list which displays the leave history of the users in a department.

Now, I want to consolidate the data in this list in such a way that I want to calculate the total number of leaves availed by each user.

For example, a user has availed leaves(any number of days) on 5 different occasions, I want to add the total no. of leave days for these 5 occasions and display as one item against the user name.

Users name is "people and groups" column type and the leave is a "calculated column" type

I couldnt find a way to display this data.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciatted.

Regards, George

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Simplest way to do this is to create a custom view on your list, group by the user column and in Totals set the Leave to Sum. When you then expand for each user you also see a total number for all the items.

You could also do this with custom XSL though that would be more complex. The risk matrix post on my blog uses the same concept you would need to consider.

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