I have a formula in a column that calculates the target date of + 3 months. I want to change the formula to +9 months but only for new items. How do I add this to the formula?

=IF([Type of MOC]="Permanent",(IF([Actual Implementation Date]="","",DATE(YEAR([Actual Implementation Date])+0,MONTH([Actual Implementation Date])+9,DAY([Actual Implementation Date])+0))),"")

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I think that the only way to do this is to add a test to your formula that says "if this item is older than [Date], then use 3m else use 9m".

BTW, I'm not sure that your formula is going to work the way you want it to when you get to months >= 4. It looks like you will then get month 13.


How long is an item considered new for?

You could create a custom column (Age) that defaults to a value "NEW" and then test that in your calculated column to decide whether to set to 9 months.

You would then need to either manually or with a workflow, change the column Age to "OLD" and you calculated column would set these to 3 months.


I don't know of any way to apply a calculation to new items only. According to How Are a SharePoint List’s Calculated Columns Stored and Rendered? the calculation will be evaluated on every save of an item or when the calculation is changed.

For more help on calculated columns see the series taming the elusive calculated column by Dessie Lunsford on EndUserSharePoint.com

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