I have a sharepoint 2010 portal styled by someone else. If I am in my sharepoint portal and try to create a new site I see 2 templates. First one is publishing site and the other is a custom template for example "customTemplateA".

I would like to create a new webtemplate, but would like to start from the "customTemplateA" template as start moment. After this I would like to change some styling and remove for example the quiq menu on the left. I dont have skills how to create webtemplates. Can someone tell me please where to begin?

Can I duplicate the custom template?

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I recommend for you to read this extensive blogpost by Vesa. It goes in to great detail about your different options and how to create new WebTemplates.

Regarding basing a WebTemplate on a WebTemplate, that is not possible. A WebTemplate needs to be based on a SiteDefinition.

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