I have a very simple workflow sending an email for users to take a survey. I do not want them to have to click on Edit Item, so I am trying to send a link directly to the edit view. When I do so, the form will not close...it just hangs there. It does submit data however.

I have used CurrentItemURL, that is not what I want since it is not in edit mode, though the editing works fine when used. Currently, I am simply taking the edit URL and generating the ID within the link.

My issue has to be in the link. I am using a custom form from InfoPath as well.

Current Link Example: https://[site path]/Lists/[list name]/Item/editifs.aspx?List=303173b5%2Dcaca%2D43c0%2Dbcb9%2D4857e9533757&ID=[%Current Item ID%]&IsDlg=1&Web=cab0601f%2D6c08%2D4f11%2Db11c%2Dcc9dd7b11d2d

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