Could you please suggest me what tool and services should use in Project Server 2013 for creating BI Reports.

  1. I need to create a report where I want to use Enterprise custom field like Country etc in the first BI report. How should I get Enterprise Custom Field on the report?

  2. I need to show some Project status indicator on second chart if project progress is lagging behind date.

    enter image description here

enter image description here

Thanks in advance

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I realize this question is more than a year old, but I wanted to respond just in case it could still help you or someone else.

There are MANY different ways of reporting in Project Server. It appears you are looking for a dashboard. Based solely on your question (we really need more information), I would look at some of the offerings using PerformancePoint. PerformancePoint is an excellent tool for doing all sorts of dashboards.

Good Luck!


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