This might be a bit confusing, I will try and explain it as best I can.

I have two lists in SharePoint:

List A has a lot of columns per "item/record", one of the columns is populated by list B which is a multi-select field.

A co-worker wants to create a view that shows each item in list B in column 1; in column 2 they want to show every item name from list A.

For example:

List A default view:

  • Col 1 - Col 2
  • item 1 - item a, item b, item c, item f, item q
  • item 2 - item c, item f, item q
  • item 3 - item a, item c

They would like to create a view like this.

  • Col1 - Col 2
  • item a - item 1, item 3
  • item b - item 1
  • item c - item 1, item 2, item 3
  • item f - item 1

etc... I think I've made the point clear? Or I just muddied the waters.

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I'm not aware of any out of the box way to achieve this.

For a non multi-select column I would suggest using Grouping in the view to group the related items together but this doesn't work for multi-select columns.

This leads down the route of customization

You could either


yes, the only way to do this is with custom xslt via a data view web part.

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