I hope I can explain this clearly. I have created an InfoPath form linked to a SPD 2010 workflow. My workflow is repeating ONE step over and over (repeating an email function).

Step 3 functionally triggers a command only when “RevRec Approved” in my InfoPath form equals YES – this triggers an email… this works fine. The email trigger in Step 3 – alerts via email that an action must now be completed.

Problem: Upon completion of my action on the InfoPath form (which is triggered by clicking "Click Here to Save and Complete" the workflow is repeating Step 3 over and over by resending the email alert rather than going to Step #4.

I’ve tried to include several actions after the "email trigger in my SPD workflow" such as stop workflow, pause for duration etc… however it still repeats the same email over and over.

What am I doing wrong?

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Looks like you're constantly updating the list item (check version number) and each update triggers the same workflow on it.

You should probably add another field in the form's main data source to store a boolean value "already sent" and check its value (should not be true) before sending the email and setting its value to true right after sending the email.

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