I have created a new database on MS SQL SERVER SHAREPOINT instace that contains two simple tables.

Then I tried to link values defined in these tables by implementing External Content Types using Sharepoint Designer.

The process seems to worked without any errors but now, when I try to access the External List based on this contents I receive the error:

Cannot connect to the LobSystem (External System)

I check all permissions on new database, Business Data Connectivity Service, etc. but I didn't found a solution to this.

Do you have any suggestions what could I be missing?

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Finally I found the cause of my problem.

I enabled logging of Business Connectivity Services in Monitor -> Diagnostic Logging and I found the exception:

Could not open connection using 'data source=XXXXXXXXX\SHAREPOINT;initial catalog=XXXXX;integrated security=SSPI;pooling=true;persist security info=false' in App Domain '/LM/W3SVC/210338692/ROOT-1-129314031335556640'. The full exception text is: Cannot open database "XXXXX" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE'.

At this point I solved by explicit add the account 'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE' to the database of external data.


The credentials passed to the database are configurable.

Business Data Connectivity Service Authentication

It sounds as if you were using RevertToSelf and a Standalone Sharepoint installation (non farm)

As you are using SharePoint Foundation unfortunately the Secure Store service is not available.

  • Yes, correct. I am using Standalone installation with Sharepoint Foundation.
    – Drake
    Commented Oct 13, 2010 at 13:57

I resolve this using WCF instead SQL in the External Content Type Connection.

In this link, use a WCF Generator with SQL to create de WCF, tehn you can use it in SharePoint and workaround the problem.


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