I am attempting to utilize XSL to format results pulled from a document library, but unfortunately this is my first stab at XSL ever. The columns in the document library are fairly standard - Title, Description - but also contain a custom column which contains a lookup to another list and it can contain multiple values (separated by semi-colons):


Image: Document library with roles The "Role" column is something I would like to use to 'group' the results. Problem is, I am not sure how to query the document library in a fashion that if a document is part of multiple roles, then that document should appear under that 'heading'.

An example output I wish to attain:


Is this possible using XSL? If so, what method would you recommend? I can educate myself if I know what to search for :) So if anyone knows of some keywords I should be googling for, please let me know!


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This article on EndUserSharePoint explains how:


You basically need to create a linked data source to the lookup list and the main list with the join option.

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