I am trying to get a data connection set up in InfoPath to display the comments history in a multi-line text field with "Append Changes to Existing Text" option enabled. The field comes from a SharePoint Form Library which is what the form submits to (no problems there).

I was able to get a normal multi-line text field to display properly in the form with the same data connection, but when I turn on "Append Changes to Existing Text" nothing shows in the text area on the form.

I have read that this should be possible from sources such as this and this but have not been able to get it working myself. Can anyone provide a little more detail on setting this up? I am trying to avoid workarounds that involve recreating the functionality with custom columns but I will do that if there is no other option.

My environment is SharePoint Enterprise 2010 with InfoPath 2010. Considering I'm using a Form Library, could the problem be that this only works with normal lists?

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