I have deployed SandBox Solution to my SharePoint Server.

After deployment When I open the site in browser, it displays the images of the Site but not working of JavaScript file. (I have given the complete path like http:\myServer\sites\MySite\MyModule\Images\abc.jpg and same way for JavaScript file).

When I try to find/locate the images & JS, I am not able to find the site directory in 14 hive folder.

Its working fine when I create Farm-Solution and deployed.

So How can I find these things for SandBox solution ?

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Sandboxed solutions do not deploy to the 14 hive. Artefacts deployed via modules are only accessible in the location in which they are deployed.

Verify you have the Type=GhostableInLibrary attribute on your modules, sometimes in Sandboxed solutions they can be hidden from the library.

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    You also can use SharePoint designer to find these files in the SharePoint site.
    – Alexander
    Mar 11, 2013 at 12:54

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