I have created 80 content types. some of them are inherited from some other content types. I have placed all the content types in feature in such an order that parent content types are at top. But when I deploy solution. I get this error:

Error 45 Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': The parent content type specified by content type identifier 0x0101 does not exist.

Any Idea how to solve this ??

  • Error says it all, there must be something that content depends on and doesn't exists, use ULS viewer to capture inside errors maybe. Mar 10, 2013 at 0:37
  • Do your custom content types that inherit from Document (0x0101) have an ID that is preceded with a 00? ie: 0x010100[some guid here].
    – James Love
    Mar 10, 2013 at 19:37
  • yes my custom CTs preceded with a 0x01010
    – SPBeginer
    Mar 11, 2013 at 9:30

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Find the ID of the content type you are deriving from (in your case it is 0x0101 i.e. Document Content Type). So, make sure 0x0101 is present by examining the content type in the SharePoint UI (Site Settings > Manage Content Types). You'll get an exception (as you're getting right now) on feature activation if it's not, or the Inheritance between Content Type is not being correctly set up.

Having said about inheritance:

For any child content types IDs, you can simply add '01' or '02' to the ID generated in the previous step. It is definitely not necessary to append '00' and another GUID. This will simplify the content types IDs generation process in such large scale developments.

  • 3
    It's not necessary but it's a standard convention that most developers adhere to. Sure, it's something you can miss out between declarations and usages so things can break, but as long as you and your team always uses the 00 or not and they stick to the teams agreed standard, all should be fine. Also, you can't really guarantee some other dev is gonna try and use 01 or 02 at the end as they develop theirs at the same time as yours.
    – James Love
    Mar 10, 2013 at 21:32
  • 1
    OO separator is required if the suffix being added to the ID is a GUID and to make it unique (agree with the fact being used by most of developers) but the 01 and 02 approach makes it much more simple to generate unique IDs in large scale development. I myself use OO in most of implementations but expect developers to know both :) Mar 10, 2013 at 21:45
stsadm -o activatefeature -filename publishingresources\feature.xml –url siteurl  -force

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