I have an Item Updating event receiver that needs to fire when a document library folder is renamed. Everything works perfect when a user renames the folder with the SharePoint UI.

However, if they rename the folder with Windows Explorer, the event receiver doesn't fire.

Interestingly, if they create a new folder w/ Windows Explorer it fires Item Added -> Item Updating -> Item Updated (using "New Folder" all through the chain). But it doesn't fire again once they replace "New Folder" with the folder's real name.

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I was struggling with the exact same issue. I was just going to give it up, when I thought I'd give two other event receivers a try: ItemFileMoving and ItemFileMoved. And it worked!

There is a logic to it I think, renaming and moving operations are somewhat alike.

You can see it best when you're creating a new folder from Explorer/WebDAV. Immediately it fires

ItemAdding -> ItemAdded -> ItemUpdating -> ItemUpdated (possibly another ItemUpdating -> ItemUpdated due to RequireCheckOut or so)

Note that the name is still "New folder" at this time. Then you can input the new folder's name and ItemFileMoving and ItemFileMoved are fired.

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