I have a site page where I am trying to add a link to a particular calendar in outlook web access.

The URL is


Sharepoint however urlencodes it, so the @ sign changes into %40. Exchange doesn't like that, so the URL doesn't work.

How can I make sharepoint keep the link the way I enter it?


A content editor web part can load the source HTML from a file and doesn't reformat it.

Store the HTML in a file called "calendarhtml.txt", or something meaningful, and point the cewp to that.

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  • It seems even if you just add the link to a content editor web part, sharepoint doesn't reformat it. So no need to load it from a file. Just put the link in a content editor part instead of directly on the page. – Grant Mar 6 '13 at 14:46

I have had good luck placing links in Web Part Pages Content Editors with javascript when I don't want SharePoint to change a relative URL to an Absolute. Maybe that will work.

<A title="A Test" href="javascript:window.location.href('http://myaddresshere.com/tech/@234?i=whatever')">My Link</A>.  See if that works
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