I am creating a custom indexing connector for Azure blob. It works fine if i just specified URL for single blob e.g. for myblob://searchconnector.blob.core.windows.net/MyBlob/mycontainer/myblob1.txt it just crawls http://searchconnector.blob.core.windows.net/mycontainer/myblob1.txt.

Where myblob is protocol and MyBlob is entity type

But if i want to crawl all blobs of container using myblob://searchconnector.blob.core.windows.net/MyContainer/mycontainer then getting exception. Finder method to get blobs is called and then correct access URIs for each blob are created by

GetAccessUri(IEntityInstance entityInstance, IEntityInstance parentEntityInstance)

after that it fails by this exception

"Error while crawling LOB contents. ( Error caused by exception: System.ArgumentException Internal error: Too few parameters in Method. )"

Any help will be appreciated as I am not able to figure out why this exception occurs. I am following Custom File System Connector to develop this.

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I solved this issue using batching for multiple items returning from finder method.


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