I'm trying to create a task in a workflow which collects data from user with sp designer 2010. Some predefined available type for custom form fields single line of text, choice and such things. I want to add a custom type which is a drop-down list, and fill it with a look up site column (look up in other lists in site ).

Is there any possibility to do so?


SharePoint OOTB doesn't have methods for doing this in SharePoint Designer. The "official" way is to use InfoPath and Visual Studio to create a Visual Studio workflow with an InfoPath workflow form.

With that said, however, this blog post shows one way to hack around this in SharePoint Designer: http://generation12.wordpress.com/2009/03/12/using-lookup-fields-in-workflow-initiation-forms/

  • That's for Initiation form. I'm looking for a way too add a dropdown to Tasks when I'm Collecting Data From User. – fatima n Mar 4 '13 at 16:22

I've done this by customize task form in Info path,I've created Custom Task form with Start A Custom Task Process action and in Task Setting , I've added a choice field to task form fields. after publish workflow, I've changed task form in info path and connect drop-down in task form to one of SharePoint list data source.

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