is there a way how to obtain the default list of custom actions in ECB ? I tried list.UserCustomActions but it returns only custom actions added by user. In my case it returned 0. I would like to obtain custom actions like Edit, View CustomAction objects. I using SPGridView and I would like to make o copy of them because the data come from search engine. I would like to this look close to list view. It is possible? Thanks

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If I understood you properly, you want ECB for your list, if yes then you don't need to copy default ones but just this code to create a new ECB column and add it to SPGridView,

      SPMenuField colMenu = new SPMenuField();
      colMenu.HeaderText = "Presenter Name";
      colMenu.TextFields = "PresenterName";
      colMenu.MenuTemplateId = "PresenterListMenu";
      colMenu.NavigateUrlFields = "ID,PresenterName";
      colMenu.NavigateUrlFormat = "do.aspx?p={0}&q={1}";
      colMenu.TokenNameAndValueFields = "EDIT=ID,NAME=PresenterName";
      colMenu.SortExpression = "PresenterName";


Don't think you can get default ones, you might need to re-create them, here's the tutorial.

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