I am trying to use a site template. But, when I go in to use the template it gives me this error message: The site Template requires that the feature {6e8f2b8d-d765-4e69-84ea-5702574c11d6} be activated in the site collection.

The template is activated. So how do I fix this to use the template?

  • Is this feature id of publishing feature?
    – SPBreed
    Feb 22, 2013 at 21:23

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The reason you are getting this error because the feature was activated when you created the template of the site . You will require the same feature activated now to create a new site from the template . Activate the BPOSExtranetFlag Feature ({6e8f2b8d-d765-4e69-84ea-5702574c11d6} ) .


It sounds like feature {6e8f2b8d-d765-4e69-84ea-5702574c11d6} is not enabled on your Site Collection. You could try using the Enable-SPFeature cmdlet in PowerShell to enable it manually.

Enable-SPFeature 6e8f2b8d-d765-4e69-84ea-5702574c11d6 -Url sitecollectionurl

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