In my SharePoint list I have a default due date of


How can I get this default date to be 10 working days from today?

I'm not too worried about taking into account public holidays etc, taking into account Saturday and Sunday would be sufficient


If you assume that the item is created on a working day then adding 10 working days is easy as it's two weeks. So the following should work


If it's not a full number of working weeks then you need to use IF on Weekday(Today) see Working Days, Weekdays and Holidays in SharePoint Calculated Columns

  • That's so obvious I feel a bit daft I didn't think of that myself, thanks :) – Enilorac Feb 26 '13 at 9:23

You can fix that problem with an if

=if(weekday(Today + 10,2)=6,Today + 10 + 2,if(weekday(Today + 10,2)=7,Today + 10 +1,Today + 10)

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