This is my first day using SharePoint and I was lost in trying to figure out how or if it can be done, custom column calculations, and if code is allowed in SharePoint? I am using SharePoint 2010. I had someone else create my own site and I have been in the entire thing all day and its exciting! I figured I would be doing a lot on my own so I created a custom list. I am wanting to do the following:

  • ColumnA: Add the date you wish
  • ColumnB: Would take the actual date and calculate how many days from the added date in Column A
  • ColumnC: Will enter the closed date that will stop the counter in ColumnB.

In general I am creating a ticket system in SharePoint, but I dont know if it can be done or where to look for it.

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Yes, this is possible without code. You will have to use so called "Calculated Columns".

For your date calculations there are even special formulas such as this:


which actually adds 3 years to the column

There are several examples here:

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