• I have set a crawled property at the site level using
    $site.IndexPropertyKey.Add() and $site.Properties.Add()
  • I set the value of that property to "somevalue"
  • I full crawled.
  • I mapped it to a managed property.
  • Next, I went to change the query in a content search web part to just return a list of sites that match my new property. I used the query MyProperty=somevalue.
  • The previous query returns what I want, all sites that have "somevalue" in the "MyProperty" field.

The question: How do I create a query that lets me externalize the "somevalue" part?

Basically I want a query like this. MyProperty={Site.MyProperty}. I want this to display all sites that match the same value in "MyProperty" as the current site I am on. If this is confusing, I can explain more.

  • can you post script to achive this
    – mihir amin
    Commented Jul 8, 2017 at 4:08

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I was close. The answer is ManagedPropertyName:{Site.CrawledPropertyName}. This will return all sites that match the property bag value of your current site.

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