I have created a SharePoint Designer workflow and at one step it should send an email to user if it is approved else send an email to user if it is rejected.

so I gave a condition like "If Current Item: WorkflowStatus equal to 16 send an email to user else if current Item: workflowstatus equal to 17 send an email to user"

the problem is the user is not getting any email even though the workflow is approved or rejected. please let me know why its not working. Is it due to SharePoint designer not recognizing workflow status codes (16 for approval and 17 for Rejection).

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It is not taking value you have specified for approval/rejection. It should be like : enter image description here


I believe the values you are trying to use are only applicable when Versioning is using Approval - that your list/library, because these are valid only withing the context when using the Approval workflow then the return codes for this, are defined in the ReviewRoutingState enumeration within the Microsoft.Office.Workflow namespace (Microsoft.Office.Workflow.Routing assembly), as follows Canceled = 15, Approved = 0×10 (16), Rejected = 0×11 (17)

If you are not in this situation, i believe it doesn't even go through that.

I'm also wondering why didn't you use simply the Approval status of the List Item, as the Approval Workflows can change that for you.

  • Marius, I am using the Approval Status field from the List but still Its not sending an email to user
    – shreyas
    Feb 13, 2013 at 21:23
  • Tried writing to the Log for trial? Feb 13, 2013 at 21:49

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