First off, this issue is with a Custom Theme & Master Page in Sharepoint 2007.

Is there a way to force subsites to re-pull the Master Page from the Custom Theme within the 12 Hive? Due to lack of knowledge I've manually changed a couple subsites masterpages and would like to restore the Custom Theme Site-Wide.

Is this possible?

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Yup, If you are familiar with Powershell you can use this script to force subsites to use custom master page,

$site = Get-SPSite http://fba.contosotest.com/dv1

$site | Get-SPWeb -limit all | ForEach-Object { $_.MasterUrl = "/dv1/_catalogs/masterpage/custom_v4.master";$_.Update() }


Otherwise you can use publishing feature, as stated in Another similar question.

If your sites not publishing sites then You need to set the System Master page to the one you want to use to have that applied to your non-publishing sites.

For more information check this link out

Inheriting Masterpage Subsites Moss 2007

Hope it helps.

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