I have One form, in which there is 1 Dropdown list that contains List of Months From January to December of current year 2013.

Now if I select any particular Month then, all the Dates(Only for Sundays) should be added in another DropDown List. (Event should be done on Change of month, if another month I select, sundays/dates should be added respective to the month).


Here is one way to do it. I have used this method in several forms and it sure has served me well.

  1. Create an xml file like the one shown below: (Please follow the same format to complete the rest of the months and their dates as well)

      <MonthToDate Month="January">1/6/2013 </MonthToDate>
      <MonthToDate Month="January">1/13/2013 </MonthToDate>
      <MonthToDate Month="January">1/20/2013 </MonthToDate>
      <MonthToDate Month="January">1/27/2013 </MonthToDate>
      <MonthToDate Month="February">2/3/2013 </MonthToDate>
      <MonthToDate Month="February">10/3/2013 </MonthToDate>
      <MonthToDate Month="February">17/3/2013 </MonthToDate>
      <MonthToDate Month="February">24/3/2013 </MonthToDate>
      <MonthToDate Month="March">....  </MonthToDate>
      <MonthToDate Month="April">..... </MonthToDate>

    I'll save myself a ton of time and let you follow this article It's got all the necessary steps from start to finish. You probably want to name your fields Month and Dates or anything really that you find appropriate.

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