I'm working on a SharePoint 2013 publishing approval workflow that needs to compare if a managed metadata field in a newly created item is set to a specific value. This in order to assign a task to a sharepoint group if the condition is true. I'm having difficulties in finding the value of the MMD field. I've tried to do it in the Term|GUID-way(Term|xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx). But I don't get any values at all.

If anyone has some pointers or advice on this issue, it would be great!

Thanks, Joakim


Here is a snippet that I have used to set the values in a TaxonomyField in SharePoint 2010.

However the object model hasn't changed too much in this area:-


This code is expecting an SPListItem object to be passed through.

string labelValue = String.Empty;
TaxonomyField field = item.Fields.GetField(fieldName) as TaxonomyField;
string fieldValue = item[field.Id].ToString();

TaxonomyFieldValue taxonomyFieldValue = new TaxonomyFieldValue(field);
string fieldValue = item[field.Id].ToString();
if (fieldValue.Contains("|"))

labelValue = taxonomyFieldValue.Label;

You can now compare the value inside labelValue with the value you need to check.

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