Im working on setting up a Production environment for sharepoint 2013 i have dedicated one server for Office Web Apps. I succeeded installing office web apps with a powershell script.. But now I want to configure Office web apps through powershell... note - Sharepoint is not installed in this server

Is this possible ?? and HOW?


If your Office Web APps installation is already done, you "just" need to configure SHarePoint 2013 to use the Web App Farm. There is a pretty good article on Technet about this (as most of the times these days):


As you are in production you will need/want to run on HTTPS. The command is as simple as this:

New-SPWOPIBinding -ServerName <WacServerName>
#<WacServerName> is just the url without the schema for example; wac.mycompany.local and not https://wac.mycompany.local

Check out this document for additional configuration scenarios if you not already used it for your WAC setup:


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