I have a timer job that will get ListItem based on some criteria. After I gathered all the items, I will send an email based on the Modified column and cc that email based on the Created By column. Currently, when I run my timer job, I will get 38658 items. My question is will it cause any issue when sending out email 38658 times one by one using the SPUtility.SendEmail method.



Better, You can use SharePoint Designer Workflow Actions of:

1) Pause until Date Action

2) Pause for Duration Action

and finally you can also send email by using a workflow action called

3) Send Email

Using the Send Email action, you can able to configure the To Address, Subject, CC, Body of the Email.

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    The bonus of using workflow is that SharePoint handles the potential performance issue by running the workflows in batches. – tarjeieo Jan 31 '13 at 10:03

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