So I have two calendars on two different web applications. I want to take advantage of the calendar overlay option in sharepoint 2010. cal1 on http://intranet1 with service account (serviceaccount1) cal2 on http://intranet2 with a different service account (serviceaccount2) Since they are two different web applications and different content databases, they also each have their own domain accounts that access it.

So when I tried to overlay cal2 from http://intranet2 onto cal1 onto http://intranet1. I got an error. The logs show that the service account for http://intranet1 could not access cal2 on http://intranet2. Failed to login into the content database for it.

So in my mind I would ask our database guys to allow serviceaccount1 read access to the content database for that web application (http://intranet2).

But is that the way to do it. Do I break something? Should I do it another way through central admin? Can I just "add" domian accounts to other web applications? Whats the best way?


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