so my scenario is: My users don't like the filter technology provided in SP2010 Lists and Listviews (using the row-titles' dropdown) and likes to have a "normal" textbox and search the splist (one column, perhaps more) with this textbox, like known from google or... lets say the whole other web ;).

So what I've done yet is adding a Form Web Part to the lists(views) page and connected it to the list view. It works, though, but I don't like the behaviour that (having a listitem with title="Testitem") typing only text and klicking on start/go-button, the entry testitem don't show up. It only shows up, giving in Testitem as whole.

So i thought about a "search as you type" / "autocomplete"-feature based on javascript, but to be honest I don't know how to do this and hope for some suggestions. I did a search here and on google, and just found something like this for SP2007 (perhaps my searchskills are not that good? d'oh), but nothing for SP2010. Would be nice to get a tutorial/third party javascript (with readable sources).

Best regards, Dominik

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You can do it easily using a combination of Jquery SharePoint 2010 REST Services. Following are some of the useful links:

  1. SharePoint 2010 autocomplete textbox containing listitems.

  2. Building a jQuery Autocomplete textbox using the SharePoint REST API.

Remember that ListData.svc uses the title of the list minus spaces:

SharePoint 2010 REST API

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