I have a custom edit form - a ".aspx" page - which I want to make changes to. Since the existing one is being used, we make a copy of that one and edit it off to the side, until it has been verified.

MyPage.aspx > copy to MyPageA.aspx

Once I make the copy, I can go to MyPageA.aspx without a problem. But if I simply edit in advanced mode, do NOTHING, save and check in, now I get the following error:

Only Content controls are allowed directly in a content page that contains Content controls.

headers include reference to the master page file

<%@ Page Language="C#" inherits="Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPartPage, Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" masterpagefile="~masterurl/default.master" title="|" meta:progid="SharePoint.WebPartPage.Document" %>

and the content sections something like this:

<asp:Content id="Content1" runat="Server" contentplaceholderid="PlaceHolderMain">
<asp:Content id="Content2" runat="server" contentplaceholderid="PlaceHolderAdditionalPageHead">

<WebPartPages:WebPartZone runat="server" ID="__WebPartPageLibraryZone__"><ZoneTemplate>


So right away, that error suggests not to leave stuff outside the asp:Content tags. Ok. I notice the "webpartzone" stuff is outside the asp:Content tags at the end of the page. But then again, it works on the original just fine, and still works with a copy. Its only once "Edit in Advanced Mode" opens and saves it that stuff is screwed up.

My question - does Sharepoint somehow change the type of page it sees once I edit/save in advanced mode, even if I don't do any changes? It's as if the type of page changes.

I found I can open in Notepad and sometimes do some edits, but that seems to have other unintended changes.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  • Follow up on this...I found a way to make it work, though my question still stands above. Here's how I had to do it: 1) In SharePoint designer, copy the original aspx page and rename the copy 2) Check Out 3) Open with Notepad 4) Make changes 5) Find the ending "asp:Content" tag, and move it to the very end of the page (repeat this for every change we make because it will move it every time) 6) Save/Close 7) Check In 8) View Page I found that each time I go to edit the page in Notepad, it will move the </asp:Content> tag ahead of a bunch of "WebPartPages:WebPartZone tags...EVERY TIME!
    – Chad
    Jan 25, 2013 at 20:38

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It is not unheard of that SharePoint Designer throws in some HTML or the opposite, deletes some, when saving. Look for unclosed control tags when you open the page in SharePoint Designer

  • Thanks @Dandroid. I've certainly been seeing that. You'll see in my comment above that SP Designer keeps moving my ending asp:Content tag up for some reason. Also, if I edit in advanced mode, it will put a <head></head> tag up top, which also causes this error. I just wonder what designer thinks to make it try these adjustments.
    – Chad
    Jan 25, 2013 at 20:41
  • 1
    @Chad SPD tries to fix the missing parts in pages opened in edit mode. Your best shot is to modify you aspx page in Visual Studio or Notepad(++) to avoid these "fixes"
    – user2536
    Jan 25, 2013 at 20:46

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