Precisely and concisely, My client has set an OOTB workflow on a document library and one of the users e.g. (User1) is unable to approve documents even though I granted that particular user (User1) Full Control and put the account inside the "Approvers" user group.

Currently, The user is getting an email in the Outlook stating: Task update was not accepted.

Also, I would like to mention that there has been no any changes for the user's account in the AD.

So, Could you please help me out to resolve this issue ?

I would greatly appreciate your inputs !

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Maybe this article will be able to solve your issue:
Approval Workflow Knowledge

From the above article:

The second page of the approval workflow association form “Allow changes to the participant list when this workflow is started”. By default, this option is checked. If this is checked, the workflow initiator can make changes. To avoid this issue, uncheck this option. Unchecking this option will rollback any changes the workflow initiator has made and display the message: “Task update was not accepted”. All in all, I guess it makes sense. If the workflow initiator can assign to someone else, it also means they can make changes herself.

If even that doesn't work for you... I will recommend you to re-check the role "FULL CONTROL" is itself not edited and approval permissions are missing from the Full Control...

I hope this helps

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