I have a Dev farm and I restored (SP restore) my site web application. After this, I went to use profile service and reconfigured "My site host". When I type the dev url for mysite it does not resolve. However, port 80 for the same web app resolves and i can all the site collections.

Error i get is "could not connect to intranetDev.company.com:7500. Any suggestions? however, intranetDev.company.com resolves because dns entry is there and it's on port 80.

I did this but long time ago. I forgot whether I need to have my Network guy put a new DNS entry for 8080.

Do I need to do anything in the "Service Connections" for mysite web app? right now only "App registry svc" and "wss usage app" is checked.



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From what I gathered, you need to make sure that your service connections are either all checked, or set to the default service connection group.

You may need to open up the 8080 port in your firewall to accept incoming requests..

  • Basically, Add an entry in the Load balancer appliance for port 8080. Now it's all fine. Thanks for all your help. Commented Jan 21, 2013 at 19:16

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