I have a Team site and I want to add a content query web part in my site. But the content query web part is not appearing in the team site i active Team Collaboration Lists but content query web part but problem do not solve please help me?


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You need to activate Publishing Feature in site collection features for CQWP to appear.


Indeed the "Publishing infrastructure" at the Site Collection level is needed (at least at first) to get a hand on the CQWP. But sometimes you might not want to get yourself "loaded" with the overhead that Publishing Site add-up.

..and so you could still benefit from "re-using" it by exporting the Style Library (all XSLT on which CQWP depends are there) from a Site Collection Level having it already, and re-create that Library on the target "collaboration" site collection (always on the Top-Level site) and than simply go into Site Settings > Galleries > Web Parts catalog and add-it from there (is already installed if you have at least SharePoint Standard)!

  • Not to play devil advocate - actually I am pretty interested in the solution you are suggesting. Have you some pratical experience about using the wp without the publishing infrastructure? If my memory doesn't play triks I belive that the content query wp has some inner dependency to the publishing web site, not only to the style library. Did you notice any missbehaviour in the past?
    – SPArcheon
    Jan 21, 2013 at 14:12
  • I've been using it successfully in this manner, without any noticeable issues. Jan 21, 2013 at 15:10

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