Please help me urgent..!

I have the following content types

ShareDoc Document
Program or Project Folder
Secure Folder

I am creating nested folder in sharepoint document library in my project. Problem: I created one folder name is "Test" and content type "Program or Project".If i create a subFolder , the content type of subFolder is "Program or Project".Becuase it is taking default parent content type.But i want to change the content type to "Folder".Please give me solution to reslove it.

Regards, Shiva Reddy.P

  • I am writing code to modify this not at design time , also a work flow is assigned by the client
    – shivareddy
    Commented Sep 24, 2010 at 12:30

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Laura Rogers has a blog post about using different folder content types to display views, perhaps this may help you in setting up the subFolder's content type...



This got resloved.

Previous Code:

Dim CurContentFolder As SPFolder = rootFolder.SubFolders.Add (ObjectsChars.assign_mapchar2objects(folderPathSplit(DocLibCount))) CurContentFolder.Item(SPBuiltInFieldId.ContentTypeId) = curWeb.ContentTypes("Folder").Id CurContentFolder.Item.SystemUpdate()

Modifed Code:

Dim CurContentFolder As SPFolder = rootFolder.SubFolders.Add(ObjectsChars.assign_mapchar2objects(folderPathSplit(DocLibCount))) Dim newItem As SPListItem = CurContentFolder.Item newItem("Content Type") = "Folder" newItem.UpdateOverwriteVersion() newItem.SystemUpdate()

Thanks for all to help Me. Shiva Reddy.P

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