I am using three accounts and 4 different severs for this environment.

Accounts - setup account - farm account - service account

Severs - AppSever - DBSever - etc....

When i try to create a farm in the app sever ( DB is created in the DB sever, logged into app sever with the setup account ) Whats are the permissions i should grant for the setup accout

So far i have given security admin + DB creater + DB owner (for master) but it says the current user does not have permission to connect to the DB

PS : I'm using scripts to create a farm

  • I found the solution Have to add DB owner for MODEL DB – DannyRatna Jan 18 '13 at 10:11

Please check the Technet documentaion for this information:


I personaly put the setup account into an ad security group i later reuse as a global farm admins (high previleges for those guys). This group is local admin on all sharepoint related (most times even sql) boxes. On sql I grant the group SYSADMIN rights. That's just my config. Read the technet article to get the information needed for your environment.

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