Even though SharePoint 2010 introduces so many great features, I am sure that at some point people will feel that things are missing, or aren't not working the way they hoped it would work - which in turn creates opportunities for 3rd party product developers to fill in the gaps.

What do you think is missing?

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  • There is a massive wish list in the comments of this blog post by Jeff Cate: sharepointsolutions.blogspot.com/2009/07/… It would be interesting to go through these and see how the pain points have been addressed!
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I guess I'll make the first answer ;)

Visual Studio is now a glorified XML Editor that makes solution deployment during testing easier. I was half-expecting List and Column creation to be done with a visual designer, generating relevant XMLs in the background. Seems the only visual provisioning tools we have are for Features and solution packages.


Error messages and guidance to the user on how to fix problems, instead of Correlation Ids.


Some things that have come up where I am working with this:

  • Easier Search implementation (with either Search Server or FAST), crawls don't always seem to catch what they should and its not easy to determine where the issue is
  • Better logging for errors, some things get lost between ULS and the Event Viewer, sometimes I have to look in multiple places
  • Better SSL support with Claims, I don't even want to go into what we needed to do to get this work!
  • Either put support in PowerShell or STSADM, seems that we need to use one item or the other to get configurations in place
  • Some configuration settings can only be done ONCE when you set up sites

That should be a start...


A descent documentation, that would make Reflector not a requirement anymore.

And self explanatory errors, instead of some obscure HRESULT (I guess it's a legacy of the first team services... but come on. We are 2013!)


a tiny contribution: Cascading Dropdowns :)


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