I've an ASP.Net membership database (extranet) site set up, but users have no way to change their passwords.How can this be accomplished?


The Community Kit for SharePoint has a Forms Authentication Solution containing a Change Password web part. It also has much more (straight copy/paste):

  • Automated Solution Deployment - Zac Smith
  • Membership request webpart (including CAPTCHA) - Paul Ballard
  • Membership request list - Paul Ballard
  • Login web part - Paul Ballard
  • Recover Password web part - Edin Kapic
  • Change Password web part - Edin Kapic
  • ULS Logging - Edin Kapic
  • User Management - Zac Smith
  • Role Management - Zac Smith
  • User Properties - Brendon Schwartz
  • Fixes - Anthony Sumner, Mike Sharp

Can you use the ChangePassword ASP.NET control:


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