We have a capacity limitation in our site collection and planning to move a fast growing subsite to a new site collection.

As microsoft recommends 100GB for a site collection, we are planning to move the subsite to a new site collection.

Can anyone suggest the recommended approach.


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I have done this before and it can be done easily in three steps,

Step 1: Export your subsite by using the Export-SPWeb command.

Export-SPWeb -Identity "http://someURL/SomeTeamSite/sandbox/" -Path "C:\Exported Sub Site\SandboxSubsSite.cmp" -IncludeUserSecurity -IncludeVersions all

Step 2: Create you site collection. This is where you will host your new site.

Step 3: Import your Content Migration Package (CMP) file that you exported using Import-SPWeb.

Import-SPWeb "http://someURL/sites/Sandbox" –Path "C:\Exported Sub Site\SandboxSubsSite.cmp"

For detailed step by step guide you can follow this tutorial

Or you can try this free tool available on codeplex,


  • Hi,thanks for your quick help. How can we manage the custom solutions and workflows, already deployed on the subsite?
    – anil kumar
    Jan 9, 2013 at 7:56

TimeToThine example will not copy workflows ect but if you want it just for a simple copy than its good! and is a known issue in sharepoint... there are third party tools that address these kind of issues but none are 100%

try to do the following:

  1. Create your new Site Collection

  2. Restore your Site to a location in the new Site Collection

  3. Assign a few reliable Test Users to vet the result

  4. Tune Accordingly

With the export command It is important to understand what you may NOT get as a result. Exports and Imports are not technically "full fidelity", meaning that things like workflows, etc. will not copy as they are held within the context of the Site Collection, rather than the Site itself. Other items, such as permission groups, may also be affected


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