Is there any simple way to get live data from a WSS 3.0 list into Excel via web services or am I going to need to write code?

I understand I can export the list data, that is far too manual.


There is a add-in provided by Microsoft named as Excel 2007 Add-in: Synchronizing Tables with SharePoint Lists which lets you synchronize Excel 2007 tables with WSS SharePoint's List. Once you download and install this add-in then you can either read MSDN documentation for synchronization of excel table step by step with list or watch this tutorial video.

Also if anyone don't want live data then they can develop a webpart which will get items from list and create a excel file for it. Let me know if you need tutorial for it.

Hope it helps.

  • This seems like it is going in the correct direction, but this is a pre-existing, business-critical list so I am reluctant to use this tool. I suppose I will just have to write a tool myself that does this. It just really surprises me that there is not something that provides read only access to a custom list for WSS. Thanks for your suggestion. I will likely use that to solve other problems. – Robert Kaucher Jan 9 '13 at 13:53

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