I want to update a UserField client side. I found the following code at this topic How to Use ECMA CSOM to Set a Field of Type SPFieldUserValue

Tried the following code:

var users = new Array();


item.set_item(columnName, users);


I'm getting the following error:

"Invalid look-up value. A look-up field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again."

It's not working if I want to add an array of users to a field. It only works for one user ex:

item.set_item(columnName, SP.FieldUserValue.fromUser("testAias1"));

Any ideas why?


Ok, so I finally figured it out. This is what worked for me:

var users = User1_ID + ';#' + User1_Name + ';#' + User2_ID + ';#' + User2_Name;
listItem.set_item(fieldName, users);
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  • Hi, I have used client side people picker, and I have same problem as you have, how do I get User_id and User_name from a people picker Entity? thank you for your help. – Medes Mar 8 '13 at 15:35

Building on the answer from i_borgos this also works without the Display Name if that is unavailable.

var users = User1_ID + ';#;#' + User2_ID;
listItem.set_item(fieldName, users);
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get all fields and just split with the help of JQuery

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