How to find the recently added item in the share point page

If the any user added the items in the custom list, library, list,Announcement, Picture library,etc.........

i need to show all item that added last 2 days. Is that any object model available to find all item in the share point site???Instead of searching every list.


Well you can use the SPWeb.GetChanges method which queries the change log and returns a collection of changes that have occurred in the Web site.


You can further drill down this detial at the list or item level and even get changes in a specific duration.

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SPSiteDataQuery or maybe even ContentByQueryWebPart?

Apply a filter on Created field.

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  • I agree that the CQWP (Content Query Web Part) would seem to be a good out-of-the-box first choice for doing this. – lwbecker2 Nov 12 '11 at 4:08

You could probably use the search API to find all list items and filter where the creation date is greater than or equal to today minus two days.

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